Wine Barrel Accessories for Your Pet

I once lived across the street from a woman who had a sweet gentle dog that she named after her favorite wine, Merlot.  Really. Every time she called for her dog, I thought she was out of wine.  One of the beautiful items Merlot would’ve loved is the Raised Dog Feeder.  It is lovingly hand crafted out of authentic wine barrel staves and a recycled oak barrel head.  It comes with two stainless steel bowls (3 ½ cups each) that fit perfectly in the cut out holes.  It stands 10 inches tall, is 23 inches wide and 12 inches deep.  It can be stained in your choice of four different stains, Cabernet, Natural, English Chestnut or Golden Oak,  to compliment just about any decor. 

 The Wine Barrel Dog Bed is also a charming addition to your home.  It is custom made using a recycled wine barrel, and measures 26 inches in diameter at the top and is 14 inches high. It will nicely accommodate a small or medium size dog. It comes with a blue plaid pet pillow and is also available in the same four stain choices as the raised dog feeder.   

Merlot would’ve definitely enjoyed each of these items.  I’m just glad my neighbors favorite wine wasn’t gewurztraminer.

Sports Gifts for Wine Lovers

Personalized NFL Gift Set

The perfect gift for the man that has everything! Think Father’s Day, Birthdays or Graduation Gifts.

The Personalized NFL Gift Set includes a brushed stainless steel flask and an officially licensed NFL Zippo lighter.

The NFL Wine Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew Set is a thoughtful gift for just about anyone, including your friends, family, employees or the football party host and hostess. They will use these time and again.  First, use the NFL corkscrew to open your bottle of wine, then pop in the NFL team bottle topper until your ready for another pour.

Rojaus Wine Decanters In Stock!

The RoJaus Wine Decanter presents an elegant serving piece to complement all enthusiasts’ wine collections. The RoJaus wine decanter was created to entertain as well as enhance the wine’s bouquet.

As wine is poured into the decanter, it wraps around the wine bubble exposing it to the air. The bouquet is released and the wine is allowed to breathe. Once decanted, the unique RoJaus nozzle easily dispenses wine into a wine glass.

These Rojaus Wine Decanters are the perfect Wine Gift. They are in stock now. Buy Today!

Wine Gifts – Wine Ornaments – Grape Ornaments

Wine Gifts – Wine Ornaments – Grape Ornaments

November 15th, 2011

Santa Wine Ornament

Santa Wine Ornament

Are you looking for wine themed Christmas ornaments? Wine and grape ornaments will be a nice addition to give with a bottle of wine. Wine-themed ornaments are a treasure for any wine lover!

Grape Ornament

Grape Ornament

Did you know that Grape ornaments are traditional symbols of friendship? Not only is the giving of a grape ornament a pledge of friendship, it is also symbolic of sharing a friendly glass of wine. Cheers!

Wine Cork Ornaments

Wine Cork Ornaments

Wine Cork Cage Ornament

Wine and Shoes

Will Work for Shoes & Wine T-Shirt
Will Work for Shoes & Wine

Find the perfect gift for the wine diva in your life! The Wine and Shoes T-Shirt is a show stopper for any shoe-a-holic! Girls love their shoes and wine!

This Shoe Wine Bottle Holder will make a great birthday, hostess or wedding shower gift. It is sure to be the life of any party. Why just bring a bottle of wine to the party, when you can also bring the perfect shoe to match it?

High Heel Shoe Wine Holder

Personalized Wine Gifts

Personalized Wine Gifts
Personalized Wine Barrel Head Sign

Find a great selection of personalized wine gifts for the wine lover in your life.   Trust us, when they receive their fun personalized wine gift they will appreciate your thoughtful gift and cherish it for a lifetime! Find monogrammed wine glasses, personalized wine signs,  blankets, wine racks, wine barrels and wine bottles.

Please order early to ensure Christmas delivery.  Most personalized gifts require 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Grow Bottles – Indoor Herb Garden

This Eco friendly gift will continue to grow!

Give the gift of a window herb garden. This Grow Bottle is handcrafted from a recycled wine bottle. This indoor herb garden is a hydro garden which is a method of growing plants without soil. The wine bottle serves as the container and water reservoir.

The Grow Bottle kit comes with certified organic seeds, clay pebbles, a wool watering wick, plant nutrient, and vermiculite.

Add water and some sunlight and you will be growing your very own basil, mint, parsley, or oregano in no time!

These Grow Bottles are handmade in the USA using recycled wine bottles. Slight variations in size and color are normal and to be expected.