Top 3 Ways to Decorate (And Save Space) with Our Wine Barrel Furniture

You’re short on space, but long on style? Can you tell the difference between a Sirah and a Petit Sirah with your eyes closed? Let’s talk about ways to decorate using beautifully crafted wine barrel furniture.

Here’s a unique way to display your wine bottles and wine glasses as well as a great conversation piece, our Wine Barrel Rack made from half a barrel, it sits flush to the wall, saving space, yet can accommodate up to fifteen wine bottles. It is hand crafted and can be finished in one of four different shades, which makes it a breeze to coordinate with your existing furniture.

Want the perfect place to keep your wine chilled to serving temperature and also have a place to serve it? Check out our Wine Barrel Cabinet Wine Chiller with room for 8 bottles in the chiller as well as four more underneath, at the ready for guests, expected or otherwise.

How about a savvy piece that triples its efficiency? This Wine Rack Table serves three purposes, holding wine bottles on two lower shelves while wine glasses hang upside down beneath the unique double wine barrel top, which can hold cheese and crackers…or whatever suits you!

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