Wine Barrel Accessories for Your Pet

I once lived across the street from a woman who had a sweet gentle dog that she named after her favorite wine, Merlot.  Really. Every time she called for her dog, I thought she was out of wine.  One of the beautiful items Merlot would’ve loved is the Raised Dog Feeder.  It is lovingly hand crafted out of authentic wine barrel staves and a recycled oak barrel head.  It comes with two stainless steel bowls (3 ½ cups each) that fit perfectly in the cut out holes.  It stands 10 inches tall, is 23 inches wide and 12 inches deep.  It can be stained in your choice of four different stains, Cabernet, Natural, English Chestnut or Golden Oak,  to compliment just about any decor. 

 The Wine Barrel Dog Bed is also a charming addition to your home.  It is custom made using a recycled wine barrel, and measures 26 inches in diameter at the top and is 14 inches high. It will nicely accommodate a small or medium size dog. It comes with a blue plaid pet pillow and is also available in the same four stain choices as the raised dog feeder.   

Merlot would’ve definitely enjoyed each of these items.  I’m just glad my neighbors favorite wine wasn’t gewurztraminer.

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